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Cover Images

Body Heat cover (24K, jpeg)

Bound To Be Dirty cover (full size, 300dpi, 160K, jpeg)

Calendar of Love cover (148K, jpeg)

Caribou Crossing cover (full size, 300dpi, 557K, jpeg)

Champagne Rules cover (full size, 300dpi, 4.8 MB, jpeg)

Come Home With Me cover (full size, 300dpi, 1 MB, jpeg)

Dare To Be Dirty cover (full size, 300dpi, 405K, jpeg)

The Dirty Girls Book Club (US) cover (17K, jpeg)

Finding Isadora (full size, 300dpi, 2.5 MB, jpeg)

Fly Away With Me (full size, 300dpi, 556k)

Fly Close to the Sun (full size, 300dpi, 650K, jpeg)

Gentle on my Mind (full size, 300dpi, 1.22 MB, jpeg)

Heat Waves cover (82K, jpeg)

His, Unexpectedly cover (19K, jpeg)

Holiday in Your Heart (full size, 300dpi, 1.5 MB, jpeg)

Home on the Range

Hot in Here cover (full size, 300dpi, 3.1 MB, jpeg)

Love Me Tender (full size, 300dpi, 507K, jpeg)

Love Somebody Like You (full size, 300dpi, 482K, jpeg)

Love, Unexpectedly cover (550 x 825 pixels, 120K, jpeg)

Men on Fire cover (150dpi, 2.9"x 4.3", jpeg)

Ring of Fire (full size, 300dpi, 1.0 MB, jpeg)

Sail Away With Me

Sex Drive cover (150dpi, 2.9"x 4.3", jpeg)

Sex on the Beach cover (150dpi, 3.7"x 5.5", jpeg)

Sex on the Slopes cover (37K, jpeg)

She's On Top cover (full size, 300dpi, 522K, jpeg)

Some Like It Rough cover (550 x 825 pixels, 72K, jpeg)

Stand by Your Man cover (full size, 300dpi, 781K, jpeg)

The Dirty Girls Book Club (UK) cover (full size, 306K, jpeg)

The Firefighter cover (full size, 300dpi, 1.0 MB, jpeg)

The Naughty List cover (full size, 300dpi, 127sK, jpeg)

Touch Me cover (full size, 300dpi, 4.2 MB, pdf)

Unwrap Me cover (full size, 300dpi, 407K, jpeg)

Winter Wishes (full size, 300dpi, jpeg)

Yours, Unexpectedly cover (545 x 825 pixels, 300dpi, 85.5K, jpeg)


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