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August 2014

Is it just me, or is summer passing awfully fast?

I hope you’ve had, or soon will have, some lovely holiday time – with family, friends, or the company of a good book or ten.

I’ve spent much of the summer on Crete. Well, not actually, but I my imagination. I’ve been working on a contemporary romantic suspense novel called Fly Close to the Sun. It’s not part of any series, just a stand-alone that I started working on a long time ago. I did write some of it on Crete, and now I want to finish it and send it out into the world – hopefully, later this fall. If you ever read Mary Stewart’s The Moonspinners, My Brother Michael¸or This Rough Magic, it’s a similar kind of book – but more modern and sexier!

Anyhow, it’s now time to put that book aside for a while and finish Love Somebody Like You, Caribou Crossing #6, which is due at the publisher on October 1. I’ve been told it will be coming out in October 2015. With Love Me Tender (CC #5) coming out in December 2014, that’ll be 10 months between months. I wish it wasn’t so long, but that’s the publisher’s decision, not mine.

In contest news, I’m excited to be a double finalist in the Book Buyers Best, for Gentle on My Mind (contemporary single title romance) and for Dare to Be Dirty (erotic romance).

I’ve been keeping up with my short story publishing schedule of one mini-volume a month. Sweet Indulgences 7 and 8 are now available.

Volume 7 (July 2014) contains two stories. In Fireworks Forever, the Fourth of July fireworks have always been special for Jess and Aidan: their first kiss, his proposal of marriage, their wedding day, the day she told him they were having a baby. Now, after all these years, is her increasingly distanced husband really not going to make it home for this year’s fireworks—or will he arrive with the best gift of all? In City Slicker, Jackie, a dude ranch wrangler is skeptical about city boy Kit, though it turns out there’s more to the guy than first meets the eye. Can a city boy truly have a “country” heart—and win the heart of a country girl? This story, which was first published in Woman’s World magazine, was the seed that eventually sprouted into the novel Home on the Range, one of Susan’s Caribou Crossing Romances published by Kensington Zebra.

Volume 8 (August 2014) contains three stories. When recently widowed Tessa accepts her mother’s invitation for a family holiday at the beach, Tessa begins to heal—and, to her surprise, reconnects with her first Summer Love. Summer Heat (inspired by a song by Gary Fjellgaard) shows that even if you’ve been married for decades, and even when life involves a lot of hard work, you don’t have to lose the romance. In Young at Heart, Nikki’s practical but heart-wrenching decision to part with her classic sports car leads her to the perfect man—for her car, and maybe for herself as well!

Congratulations to my latest contest winner, Debra G from CT, who wins a package of Canadian maple fudge and an autographed copy of her choice of my books.

All the best for the rest of your summer!



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Stand by Your Man

Title 4 in the Caribou Crossing Romances series.

Dedicated RCMP Corporal Karen MacLean secretly longs for marriage and a home like the one she grew up in, but most men are intimidated by her uniform. Not much intimidates undercover cop Jamal Estevez, however. His only problem is believing—and proving—that a recovering alcoholic who’s never had a real home deserves the love of a woman like Karen.

Bound to be Dirty

Title 3 in the Dirty Girls Book Club series.

When Lily Nyland’s book club chooses an erotica novel featuring BDSM, the family practice doctor finds the subject problematic. A strong feminist, she believes in independence and equality between sex partners – and that’s exactly what she has with her helicopter bush pilot husband Dax Xavier. What they don’t have is time together, true intimacy, communication, and a deep level of trust. In fact, their marriage is in serious trouble. When Dax, home for Christmas, starts spicing up their sex life with naughty tricks he’s borrowed from her book, she’s shocked to find herself turned on. Can passion and kinky sex trigger the kind of intimacy and communication that will help Lily and Dax determine whether they still love each other and whether their marriage is worth fighting for?

Sweet Indulgences: heartwarming short romances

These sweet short stories are designed for the busy woman who deserves a few minutes of self-indulgence – on the bus or train to work, during coffee or lunch break, while waiting to pick the kids up, sitting in the doctor or dentist’s waiting room, sinking into a bubble bath before bed, or . . . well, I’m sure you get the picture.

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